Coach Curt Chesney

Curt Chesney Triathlon coaching
Professional Triathlete 5 Years
USAT Ranked #1 Overall 2011
Masters Athlete of the Year 2011
Ironman PR 8:54 Kona Age 42
Half Ironman PR 3:57
Olympic Distance PR 1:55 Age 42


My first bike race was a bike criterium at age 14. I had not been training property and ended up being lapped several times by the main field. However, the experience did not spoil my enthusiasm for the sport. I continued to race and gradually improved. From my earliest experiences I learned the value of hard work, strategy, goal setting and creating an organized plan to achieve my goals.

By the time I was eighteen, I was a top junior and finish eighth at the road race national championships. I was invited to train at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs at the beginning of my next season. From there I left for Belgium in 1988 to gain experience in European racing. In 1989 I raced the second half of my season as a pro on a Belgian division 2 team. We raced in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Spain and France. I was the youngest pro racer in Europe that season. My results were not good enough to secure a pro contract for the next year. In 1990 I joined a French division 1 amateur team and raced many of the French classics and pro/am events. At twenty I was strong, experienced and having some good results. I was also burned out and returned to the USA before the end of the season.

I stayed completely away from the bike for nine years. I took up rock climbing, progressing to climbs like El Capitan in Yosemite. I also started a high-rise window cleaning business. The need to earn a living led to more work and less physical activity, weight gain and all the usual problems of young working adults. After gaining forty pounds and losing all my previous fitness, I followed my father’s example and tried triathlon as a way to lose weight, get fit and relieve stress.

When I started training for three sports even cycling seemed difficult. Time trials were never my strength. The first race was all it took to become obsessed with getting better and I’m still improving 10 years later, with no signs of burn out. I compete in many races each year while I still run my own business and make time for my wife and daughter.


From my own experience, I believe that amazing achievements are possible even for busy people with jobs, families and other responsibilities. The challenge of fitting this sport in with everything else in your life may even result in a higher level of performance in all areas. A successful triathlete will balance all these challenges with success also in racing. Proper planning and commitment to fitting in a training schedule is key to success and to the coach client relationship.

In my journey from a complete novice to 5 age group World Championship victories, I have made almost every mistake possible. What I have learned through 20 years of endurance training and racing can help you reach your goals without having to make those mistakes yourself. You can reach your goals faster and easier with my help in planning your training, racing and nutritional plans.

The initial most important step with a new client is to learn in detail all previous training and racing experience. From this evaluation of prior training work loads we can structure a program with short term goals progressing toward a specific goal for that season. Fitness tests will be performed periodically to measure progress and adjustments will be made to keep you on track. Most athletes cannot efficiently reach their potential with a generic plan created for everyone. My training programs are flexible and created individually for you.

One of our goals must be to have some fun while we’re at this. As your coach I will remind you of this. Let me help you establish realistic goals, set a plan to achieve those goals and enjoy the journey to success.