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I have been a runner for several years and started doing triathlons in 2004, doing my first IM in Florida in November 2004. After that first IM, I was hooked. I went on to do several IMs including Arizona twice, Lake Placid, and Coeur d’Alene. After having good runs at my first 3 IMs, I started having difficulty with the marathon portion of the event and my bike times were falling off as well. In April of 2008, I talked with Curt about coaching me for IM Louisville in August of that year and my goal of improving my bike time AND being able to run the entire marathon. Curt was convinced he could help me, even though he had a lot to overcome. I had just finished IM Arizona & still had a lot of accumulated fatigue from over training. So he needed to get me rested & then ready for another IM in just 4 short months.

Curt taught me so much about training. One major area Curt focused on was my pacing. During my interval workouts, I would always go out too hard & then fall apart at the end. Curt kept drilling into me that it was all about starting slow & building. But this was a hard concept for me because I always I felt my best at the beginning of the workout, so that is when I wanted to go the fastest. Also in the past, I had completed most of my workouts at the same pace. Curt taught me the value of easy workout days & how important it was to feel good for my “key workout” days. Another area we focused on was nutrition. I knew I had to eat for long distance events, but really had never put any numbers to it. Curt spent a lot of time with me determining how many ounces of liquid to drink on the bike & run per hour & how many calories I should be consuming.

All this hard work & training for IM Louisville in 2008. I started my taper & felt like I was finally going to reach my goals. Eight days out from the event, I was doing an easy taper ride & was hit by a truck that ran a stop sign. I did not suffer any broken bones, but I had a really sore back & bruised ribs. After going to rehab every day before the event, I was convinced I could still swim & bike, but running was going to be pretty iffy with the bruised ribs. I completed IM Louisville that year, with one of the best bike times I had ever had. I was within 25 secs of my bike PR and this was a much more difficult course! The run went the way I thought it would, and I ended up walking most of it in quite a bit of pain.

Well I couldn’t let an accident get the best of me. I felt like Curt & I had made great strides in my training. So I signed up for IM Louisville in 2009 to try again.

This training season, Curt worked with me to determine what combination of easy days and hard days work best for me and how much I can handle on my key workout days. He added a lot more easy bike days to build my base and reduced my long run mileage to keep me fresher for my other workouts. Since I’m a runner, I was worried about not getting in enough run miles. Curt reminded me that “my way” had not worked for the last few IMs and asked me to try it this way this one time. He also wanted me to back off on the bike leg, slowing my time by 10 – 15 mins, thereby increasing my chances for running the entire marathon.

I am happy to report that Curt’s way worked! I got to IM Louisville without injury & finished under my goal time of 12 hours. I added (on purpose) about 15 mins to my bike time from last year, which allowed me to run the entire marathon, stopping only for bathroom breaks & walking only through the aid stations. I even had an IM marathon PR of 4:10:21. I was so excited. Looking back at my event, I have no regrets & am so glad that I stuck to the plan that Curt laid out for me. Curt has been a great coach. It is hard to explain how much I have learned from him over the last few months and what a difference he has made in my training. It certainly would be hard to find someone who works harder than he does as a coach!

Donna Hickey
IM Finisher, 8 times



Before I hired Curt as a coach, I remember sitting down with him in an interview and thinking “I have no idea what I need, I just want someone to show me what it takes to be faster”. In hind site, I was very fortunate to have had Curt recommended to me, because he’s not only made me a faster athlete but an all-around better competitor. He has an incredible amount of personal experience with endurance training and racing, and he shares his earned wisdom through detailed and personal coaching. He takes a customized approach to nutrition (what works for one may be entirely different for another), has helped me focus on the mental aspect of racing and how incredibly important and powerful that is, and has fine-tuned my training to bolster my weaknesses and hone in on my strengths. I am grateful to have found such a source of triathlon-wisdom in Curt, and his guidance was instrumental is converting from an age-grouper to a pro. In 2010, my first year with Curt, I placed 4th overall as an amateur in lronman Louisville, qualified for Kona, and turned pro in 2011. I had a solid first professional year including a course record at an olympic distance race, and two podium finishes at lronman events. I attribute much of that success to a great coach and fellow athlete, Curt Chesney.

Whitney Garcia


Curt has been coaching me for almost 18 months now and I have nothing but good things to say about my experience in working with him. It would be easy to look at Curt’s results as a triathlete and say, “I want that guy to coach me!” He’s accomplished so much as a triathlete, but if you didn’t see his results you wouldn’t know it. The point in is he’s interested in his athlete’s results as much as his own. He is direct and honest when you talk about your goals with him. He has been straightforward about what I need to work on and improve, while at the same time being positive about what is going well. Curt writes my training plan based on my abilities, needs, time available to train, etc while at the same time considering what l need to do to meet my goals. He simply takes the time to talk and makes sure that things are in balance for me to help me reach my goals. He relates not only from a triathlete perspective, but also as a husband and father in what “time” means. I have and will continue to recommend Curt to anyone looking for a coach. He not only understands what it takes to accomplish goals we set for ourselves, but he is a great example to his athletes of what a tremendous work ethic is.

Amy Kuitse


Being a newbie to triathlons and endurance sports I decided to get a coach. I was signed up to compete in my first triathlon In June. Not having any racing background I left everything up to Curt. Shortly after signing up we started to do group rides on Saturday. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people and pick their brains on what the lronman race was going to entail. Training went awesome. I got through the weeks and months slowly and steadily Improving without injury.

By the time Coeur d’Alene came around I had the confidence that my coaching and training would get me through the day. Race day went awesome! I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t a walk in the park and I didn’t qualify for Kona, but I was close enough that I will try again this year. Being that I blame my success on my coach I will continue to train under his guidance.

Garrett Harvey